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We have years of experience helping offices implement our technologies to achieve their goals and make environmental building simulation part of their workflow. We know it is challenging. We developed Pollination to make it easy, but we understand that you might still need a hand to get started. We are here to help!

Whether you need customized software solutions, a workshop with a personalized touch, or an enterprise level partnership, with the power of Pollination, this is now easier than ever!
Enterprise Partnership

Introducing a new tool across a large office or multiple office can be a daunting task! Get your organization started with the Pollination ecosystem quickly and seamlessly with an Enterprise Partnership.
Enterprise Partnerships are limited, so apply to secure your spot today!

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Software Development

We are experts in developing software for design, analysis and automation workflows. If you don't have in-house expertise or the time to build on-top of Pollination, then our team can do it for you! 

Get in touch to discuss how we can tailor Pollination to your needs!

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Personalized Workshops

Knowing how to use a software is very different from knowing how to apply that knowledge to achieve actionable design data. Our workshops focus on "why" analysis is impactful while teaching the "how to".

Schedule a one-time or reoccurring workshop on the topic your choice.

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Enterprise Partnership

Software alone won't automatically meet your office's sustainability performance goals (no matter how good it is)! Let us help streamline your environmental journey with a customized package that includes: 

  • Licenses for Pollination CAD plugins, Cloud Resources, and Apps
  • Monthly One-on-One Time with our Team
  • Private Chat Channel
  • Less Than Two Business Days Response Time
“What an amazing work!”
Suzanne Scott

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Set and Meet Your Sustainability Goals

We'll first work with you to understand your workflows and find the right Pollination services for you and your team. Starting with a business-specific action plan, we'll help you establish business specific targets and develop roadmaps for achieving those targets faster! 

Empower your Staff

Think of this partnership as a long term extension of your company that empowers all employees - not just the experts - to spearhead an environmentally-aware design process. Turn ideas into numbers and prove performance on every single project!

Support when it Matters

With an Enterprise Partnership we guarantee a response within 48 hours of any request.  With multiple modes of communication, our team will always be accessible to help keep your team on schedule.
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“state-of-the-art tool...for advancing agrivoltaics”
Ian Skor, PE

Software Development

Building your own in-house AEC related digital tool or application is a significant investment that is often left incomplete, becomes unused, and requires on-going maintenance. Don't get trapped with a capital expenditure that falls flat and let us help you build your dream application!

Custom Solutions
Customer Retention
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We've been developing custom solutions for the AEC industry for over 10 years, and with a team of developers with architecture, engineering, and design backgrounds we can bridge design and software ideas seamlessly to deliver a product that meets both your aesthetic and functional needs.

We'll work with you to first clearly define the problem you'd like your tool to solve, create an action plan for software development, and take care of:

  • Writing the code
  • Packaging ande deployment  
  • Hosting and maintenance of the code

Due to the number of requests for App development and our team size, we are currently only taking on projects that have a minimum budget of $20,000.

If you have a smaller project, or you're just exploring, try using our marketplace! Post what you're looking for and be matched with a developer that is interested in your project!

“What an amazing work!”
Suzanne Scott

Personalized Workshops

You can learn how to use Pollination for free by watching our videos on YouTube or in our User Manual. So why would you need to commission a workshop? Properly applying software know-how requires a shift in thinking and a fundamental level of environmental knowledge. Our workshops not only focus on developing the simulation question, they will also upskill attendees with building science knowledge as it applies to the design process.

We have over a decade of proven experience delivering high quality, impactful workshops that leave attendees inspired and empowered to start applying environmental knowledge on real world projects.

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We'll work with attendees from start to finish to ensure an enjoyable and successful experience. Workshops can be virtual or in-person. Virtual workshops are our most economical option, but if you prefer in-person, we can travel to select countries outside of the USA at an additional cost.  

All learning material and sample files are shared in advance and all attendees will have access to Pollination for the duration of the workshop.

Choose from a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: 

  • Energy
  • Daylighting
  • Climate
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Solar Studies
  • and much more...

Our workshops start at $10,000 and have a 2-day minimum. The price will vary based on the topic and duration. They can be run on consecutive days or spaced on out a mutually agreed upon schedule.

While we don't cap the number of attendees, we've found that less than 15 is ideal for optimal learning.

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