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Do you spend hours of your valuable time re-creating Revit models from scratch just so you can use them for energy and daylight simulation? If you answered yes, then you will fall in 💖 with the Pollination Revit Plugin.

The Revit Plugin allows you to extract analytical models directly from your design model to get real-time insight on energy consumption, daylight, and thermal comfort. Use the Revit Plugin as a stand-alone application or combine it with Pollination's cloud-computing capabilities, verified simulation recipes, and collaboration features for the ultimate environmental analysis experience.

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Watch the full Revit Master Class at the AEC Tech 2023 for free! Or head over to our user manual to get started.


Don't take our word for it, see what the users of Pollination have to say!
Cory Mosiman
Software Developer at PassiveLogic
"I just wanted to say I really appreciate this plugin. After dealing with Revit’s default gbXML export (which was awful), the functionality in this model export is a breath of fresh air."
Edwin Guerra
Engineering Designer and BIM Specialist at Associated Engineering
"Pollination is future-proofing of designs and analysis. By allowing designers to use the tools of their choice, it is saving tens of hours per project in remodeling and rework in cases where a model already may exist be it Revit, eQuest, IES-VE or OpenStudio."
Kate Bren
E.I.T, Performance Consultant at Cyclone Energy Group
"Pollination is the bridge energy modelers desperately need between architectural models and detailed energy simulations. The Revit plug-in enables us to export a model with little hassle, and then we can clean up the model using Pollination developed time saving commands in Rhino. Users are motivated to explain issues and ideas they have for software improvements because the Pollination team is receptive, nimble, and quick to make updates."
Amir Tabadkani
Sustainability Consultant at Stantec
"Pollination CAD plugins are huge timesavers for translating a clients’ architectural model into building performance analysis workflows. More importantly, its interoperability feature allows a high level of data exchange with many building simulation tools whether for parametric analysis or detailed HVAC modeling."
Levent Kocalioglu
Building Physics and Sustainability Consultant
at Cundall
"It was amazing seeing that exporting a clean analytical model from BIM is possible using the Pollination Revit plugin. More importantly, its interoperability feature enables seamless data exchange with other building simulation tools for parametric modeling.

I believe there is no magic happening behind the Pollination workflow - it does not offer a on-size-fits-all solution. Howerver, with some user interaction, Pollination saves significant amount of time in translating Revit models."
Kasimir Forth
Research Associate at Technical University of Munich
"I used Pollination Revit Plugin and cloud computing for my research about NLP-based semantic enrichment of BIM models for energy simulations. Pollination's cloud computing service not only offloads computing power to external servers but also enables a smooth workflow of a large number of simulations from anywhere, whether from abroad, traveling or from your own workplace."
Alex Diamond
Graduate Engineer at Ramboll
"After using both Pollination Revit and the Cloud Computing, the productivity of projects I’ve been a part of has increased greatly.

The ability to free up local resources via the Cloud has saved a huge amount of time, and the Pollination team have been amazing with their help. I intend to continue using these tool on many of my future projects."
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to purchase the Revit Plugin?

See the Price for the Revit Plugin License here.

Does a Revit Plugin license include cloud computing credits?

The Revit Plugin doesn't come with cloud computing credits. You must have a Pollination Starter, Business, or Organizational plan to enable cloud computing capabilities.

What version of Revit should I use?

The Pollination Revit Plugin works optimally with Revit 2019-2023. If you are using an older version of Revit, you will need to upgrade to a more recent Revit release to use Pollination.