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The Pollination plugin for Grasshopper allows you to set-up and run simulations on Pollination without leaving the Grasshopper interface. It has never been this fast to prepare and run thousands of simulations!

Pollination for Grasshopper is fully compatible with Ladybug Tools® Grasshopper plugins (v1.3.0 and above). You can reuse all your current Grasshopper scripts but run the simulation at scale on the cloud by only changing few Grasshopper components. 🚀

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Don't take our word for it, see what users of Pollination have to say!
Arinda Rachman
PhD Candidate at Bandung Institute of Technology
"I really enjoy using Pollination since the interface itself is no different from Ladybug Tools. Since I use Ladybug Tools for my work, the learning curve is not that steep. It is really helpful, especially when I am working with a large size building."
Trevor Fedyna
Principal at Unconstrained Development LLC
"Pollination to me is the natural evolution of the already endlessly modular and hackable Ladybug Tools ecosystem.  I can't wait to work on a project where multiple firms of varying responsibilities are collaborating on a single multi-use model via the Pollination Cloud!"

Run Parametric Studies at Scale

Using the "parametric run" option, you can submit hundreds of iterations at once and simulate each one in parallel with a separate set of cloud computing resources. What used to take days can now be done in minutes.


Share Your Workflows with Control

Are you concerned that your colleagues and clients are not using the version of your workflow you want them to or the right version of EnergyPlus and Radiance?  Pollination enables you to control and update the version of simulation recipes that you have shared with your collaborators. So, even though your colleagues use the same Grasshopper component to access your recipe, you ultimately control the version of the recipe that's simulated.


Access Your Simulations Anytime and Anywhere

The previous simulations that you ran on Pollination are always accessible. Each run not only includes a copy of the outputs but also all of the inputs. So you can always go back to check your assumptions, load up and visualize the input model, or recreate the whole simulation on any machine that has the Pollination plugin installed.


Do it all from Inside Grasshopper

The Pollination Grasshopper plugin provides all the functionalities you need to schedule the runs, check runs status, and download the results. There's no need to learn a new interface or jump back and forth between the web application and Grasshopper.

Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Pollination Grasshopper plugin free?

Yes. The Pollination Grasshopper plugin is free, and you can download it from this page. See the download button on top of the page. But you will need a paid Pollination account to run simulations on Pollination.

I created a recipe for the demo project. How do I run it for a project other than the demo project?

In Pollination, recipes can be linked to projects. This is by design and gives organization admins control to select the exact versions of recipes accessible to particular projects.
If you want to run a recipe for a different project, you have to load the recipe on that project. It can be the same recipe as your other project but it needs to also be linked to the new project to run it there. All of this can be done through the menu that appears when you double-click on a recipe component.

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