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The process of creating buildings is fundamentally collaborative.
Yet, for several decades, building simulation software has been narrowly focused on solutions for small groups of people.  As a result, tools and knowledge have become siloed and the full range of expertise available on a project is rarely brought to bear on decisions. Teams expend great effort to remake simulations within their disconnected software packages only to revert back to implementing the "code compliant minimum" when other team members are not on the same page.

Time and resources are wasted, real opportunities to save money and energy are missed, and detrimental design decisions ultimately remove billions of dollars in value from our buildings each year.

As we enter the most transformative decades for energy infrastructure since the industrial revolution, we cannot forget that buildings are a part of this infrastructure. Now, more than ever, is the time to fix these critical flaws around building simulation and take the collaborative approach that we need.

Our Approach


e believe there is no way to deliver the full value of building simulation without empowering all team members to contribute their skills, knowledge and expertise. To make the best decisions, we must work together and we built Pollination because we believe that “when an expert network is functioning as its best, the smartest person in the room is the room itself."

We knew this when we created Ladybug Tools and it’s for this reason that the true value of Ladybug Tools lies in its community of thousands of experts who have collectively transformed environmental building simulation in the AEC industry. Sharing knowledge, openly collaborating, and transparently discussing research questions are now the norm on the Ladybug Tools forum and across the hundreds of scientific research papers that cite Ladybug Tools.

These same principles guide the core decisions we made while building Pollination and, like Ladybug Tools, it is a platform where people can build on each other's work and learn from one other.


Our Values

Elegant Simplicity
We believe real-world problems are inherently complex and, too often, people either oversimplify or over complicate them for simulation. Pollination uses an elegant approach to make these complex problems approachable and accessible without oversimplifying them.
Accuracy First
We believe accuracy comes before speed, and education comes before automation. Pollination is designed to make you smarter the more that you use it so that you can recognize when your simulations are appropriately accurate for the design decisions you are trying to inform.
We believe better-informed architects and engineers are essential to better buildings. With transparency built into the platform, Pollination is the best place to understand every step of a simulation process.
We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution in building simulation and people need the freedom to customize their tools to use them effectively. Pollination has flexibility and customization designed into it so that you will never find yourself with a situation that you cannot model.
We believe we do better when we recognize the limitations of our own knowledge and empower others to share their expertise in lieu of pushing our own solution. With collaboration built into the core of the platform, Pollination makes it easy to build on each other’s work.

Meet Our Team

We come from diverse backgrounds with years of experience in building design, construction, simulation, consulting, and software development. We all have in common our passion for the built environment, critical thinking, creativity, efficiency, and a belief in collaboration.
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Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari
Building tools that make you smarter as you use them.
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Chris Mackey
Making simulations "not wrong" enough to be practical.
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Backend Developer
Antoine Dao
Nerd extraordinaire with a secret back story as an environmental designer.
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Application Developer
Mingbo Peng
Love to work on things of building, and the means of working on it.
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Administration and PR
Lauleh Aslani
I like to color code things and make lists.
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Application developer
Antonello Di Nunzio
Fascinated by connections among things, from building elements to application software.
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Content Manager
Janki Vyas
Passionate about improving the quality and efficiency of the spaces that we inhabit, as well as the processes we use to design and build.
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Application Developer
Mikkel Pedersen
I like books, spaghetti western and all things Morricone.

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