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Ian Skor, PE
CEO and Owner of Sandbox Solar
"Pollination is an accessible and state-of-the-art tool for irradiance modeling. We worked with the team to develop a robust tool for advancing agrivoltaics and optimizing the co-location of solar and agriculture. The ability to input key parameters and run a robust simulation with a detailed analysis quickly has significantly improved our business' decision capabilities."

Write it Once, Use it Everywhere

Pollination Python libraries turn your Streamlit web apps into CAD plugins. Write the app once and then use it from the web, Rhino, Revit or SketchUp. Minimize your maintenance overhead and avoid the headache of keeping track of changes on users local machines.


You Create it, We'll Host and Distribute

The lack of a ready-to-use infrastructure for distributing design expertise has been a long term problem in the AEC industry. Pollination Apps solve this problem by allowing  developers to instantly deploy and share their apps publicly or privately from the Pollination App Gallery and from within one of Pollination's plugins.


All in pure Python!

Build an App with a few lines of Python code using Pollination, Streamlit and Ladybug Tools APIs. This combination provides you with all the components that you need to write your apps. Either it is sending geometry data back and forth to Rhino or Revit or adding a 3D viewer to your app. We got you covered!

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Is it possible to sell private apps as a monthly or annual subscription via Pollination?

It is not currently possible to sell Apps through Pollination, as we currently only support hosting apps. But, developers of apps are free to set up their own payment structure to sell directly to users and use Pollination to manage/control access.

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