Does your office have a dedicated machine for running multi-day simulations or graphics? Or maybe you use your personal machine, only to have a simulation fail or crash after a few hours? With Pollination Cloud, you do not have to wait hours or days to run large models or parametric simulations. Pollination Cloud Computing utilize hundreds of CPUs to shorten your simulation time which helps you make better decisions at any stage of a project - from early design through occupancy.

And best of all,  use your cloud computing budget only when the scale of your study requires it! We won't lock you into cloud-only simulations! You can choose to run locally at anytime!

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Don't take our word for it, see what the users of Pollination have to say!
Ranojoy Dutta
Director of Energy & Sustainability
at View Inc.
"Pollination has greatly improved my team’s productivity through scalable cloud computing and data management. The ability to schedule simulations on the cloud and free up local resources for other work is a huge time saver."
Batiste Vidal
Building Simulation Manager  at ECLEKTE COOP. V.
"Pollination Cloud computing boosting value is amazing! What would have taken 30 hours or might have never finished on my computer at all, only took 40 minutes to run!"
Emir Pekdemir
Sustainable Design Analytics Leader
at WSP Built Ecology
"I wanted to thank the Pollination team for their immense help with running our 62,000+ simulations in the cloud. It wouldn’t be possible if they hadn’t started innovating at the time they did. Our industry needs more innovators like them in order to be able to push the envelope in the work we deliver."
Sergio Poco-Aguilar
PhD Student at University of Sheffield
"I must say that I am very grateful to the Pollination development team for the tools and their support. They have been infinitely helpful and lifesaving. You have spared me at least three months of additional work! I was able to automate the process of running parallel simulations in the cloud from a Python environment which means I can see all the processes running live from my desktop computer."
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Can I run simulations locally or am I locked into using cloud computing resources?

You will never be locked into cloud-only simulations with Pollination. With any of our plugins, you can elect to run simulations locally or on the cloud! 

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