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Pollination is the complete building performance simulation platform that helps you generate models, run simulations, and deliver trustworthy results. From the creator of Ladybug Tools!
“The best tool for generating building performance analysis geometry.”
Justin Shultz - Associate Principal at Page

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One Model, Countless Applications

Pollination allows you to extract an analytical model from your design model and use it for the lifecycle of your project.
  • Sync your design and analytical models to monitor design changes and update as the project progresses
  • Use the same model to simulate energy, sunlight, daylight, comfort, and much more
  • Do it all in your favorite CAD or BIM platform, including Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, and Grasshopper

See Through Every Step of the Process

Pollination is not a magic or black box solution, we offer full transparency at every step so you can understand the simulation process and trust the results!
  • Use robust QA/QC commands to quickly troubleshoot problem areas in your analytical model
  • Review every step of our simulation recipes, including all required or optional inputs and outputs
  • Use validated DOE simulation engines: EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, URBANoptTM, and Radiance

Unrivaled Range of Simulation Recipes

Pollination is not designed as a single tool, instead it's an ecosystem of multiple tools that offer the most diverse simulation capabilities on the market today.
  • Easy for beginners to start with, yet loved by experts for it's extensibility and customizability
  • Run simple simulations on your local machine or scale up to the cloud for large or parametric models
  • Use verified simulation recipes for energy, sunlight, daylight, comfort, and much more

Boost Workplace Productivity

Pollination brings the power of cloud computing to your projects while also allowing you to extend simulation expertise across your office.
  • Create an office specific knowledge base with our ready-to-use products, or customize them by building on on top of the Pollination infrastructure
  • Identify simulation recipes and apps that your office uses and share them consistently from a central location
  • Have full control over roles, permissions, and privacy settings with individual or organizational accounts  

Easily Communicate Simulation Results

Pollination offers simulation results visualization and customization across the entire ecosystem (similar to Ladybug Tools but more intuitive); whether you're using our plugins, the web platform, or one of our many apps.
  • Access all simulation output files on your desktop for local runs or on our web interface for cloud runs
  • Visualize results using Pollination's 3D-viewer from the web, within Rhino, or within Revit
  • Develop custom dashboards, to preview results, QA/QC, prove compliance with standards, certificate programs, or code requirements, and much more

Obtain Actionable Data, Faster

Pollination empowers each team member to contribute their expertise, whether it's the architect's skill in representing geometry, the engineer's knowledge of simulation inputs, or a manager's understanding of the most meaningful conclusions for a client.
  • Replace fragmented processes and tools with a single platform for frictionless and real-time collaboration.
  • Coordinate inputs and perform QA/QC in one place to minimize errors before simulating
  • Collaborate within and across firms while maintaining control over privacy and intellectual property

Build the Future of Simulation

Pollination is not a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) solution! Bring your creativity, imagination, and dreams to Pollination and let us help you realize them.
  • Build your own public or private apps and deploy them with confidence using Pollination's robust infrastructure
  • Use transparent and customizable simulation logic to edit or create simulation recipes
  • Build your tools using Pollination SDKs, and Public API

Happy Customers All Around the World

Justin Shultz
Senior Building Performance Analyst and Associate Principal at EYP
"The Pollination Rhino plugin is the best tool for generating building performance analysis geometry. It has a ton of features for improving my workflow and is interoperable with all my analyses tools and methods. I now use it on all my projects."
Cory Mosiman
Software Developer at PassiveLogic
"I just wanted to say I really appreciate [the Revit] plugin. After dealing with Revit’s default gbXML export (which was awful), the functionality in this model export is a breath of fresh air."
Emir Pekdemir
Sustainable Design Analytics Leader
at WSP Built Ecology
"I wanted to thank the Pollination team for their immense help with running our 62,000+ simulations in the cloud. It wouldn’t be possible if they hadn’t started innovating at the time they did. Our industry needs more innovators like them in order to be able to push the envelope in the work we deliver."
Levent Kocalioglu
Building Physics and Sustainability Consultant
at Cundall
"It was amazing seeing that exporting a clean analytical model from BIM is possible using the Pollination Revit plugin. More importantly, its interoperability feature enables seamless data exchange with other building simulation tools for parametric modeling."
Ranojoy Dutta
Director of Energy & Sustainability
at View Inc.
"Pollination has greatly improved my team’s productivity through scalable cloud computing and data management. The ability to schedule simulations on the cloud and free up local resources for other work is a huge time saver."
Amir Tabadkani
Sustainability Consultant at Stantec
"Pollination CAD plugins are huge timesavers for translating a clients’ architectural model into building performance analysis workflows. More importantly, its interoperability feature allows a high level of data exchange with many building simulation tools whether for parametric analysis or detailed HVAC modeling."
Asis Nath
Founder at Studio GreenAarch
"Pollination has enabled us to perform validated and scalable building simulation without leaving our favorite CAD environment. Simultaneous design iteration with quick simulation, in the same interface, is not a dream anymore!"
Balázs Fürtön
Architect & PhD student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
"Using Pollination is a brutal quality of life enhancement over OpenStudio and Grasshopper-based vanilla LBT by streamlining the model-building process and QA&QC on input geometry.
Thanks to the Rhino plugin, which is by far the most comfortable comprehensive energy modelling interface that I’ve used to translate Archicad geometry into BEM, I can focus more on solving the problems that matter in my research or practice."
Trevor Fedyna
Principal at Unconstrained Development LLC
"Pollination to me is the natural evolution of the already endlessly modular and hackable Ladybug Tools ecosystem.  I can't wait to work on a project where multiple firms of varying responsibilities are collaborating on a single multi-use model via the Pollination Cloud!"
Ian Skor, PE
CEO and Owner of Sandbox Solar
"Pollination is an accessible and state-of-the-art tool for irradiance modeling. We worked with the team to develop a robust tool for advancing agrivoltaics and optimizing the co-location of solar and agriculture. The ability to input key parameters and run a robust simulation with a detailed analysis quickly has significantly improved our business' decision capabilities."
Arinda Rachman
PhD Candidate at Bandung Institute of Technology
"I really enjoy using Pollination since the interface itself is no different from Ladybug Tools. Since I use Ladybug Tools for my work, the learning curve is not that steep. It is really helpful, especially when I am working with a large size building."
Alex Diamond
Graduate Engineer at Ramboll
"After using both Pollination Revit and the Cloud Computing, the productivity of projects I’ve been a part of has increased greatly. The ability to free up local resources via the Cloud has saved a huge amount of time, and the Pollination team have been amazing with their help. I intend to continue using these tool on many of my future projects."

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