The problem with simulation automation

Are you currently using an automated simulation tool that promises one-clicks results and optimizations with the goal of replacing your environmental simulation consultants? Are you looking for an out of the box solution? Have you found one that can answer all the questions you are asking?

It turns out that unless your project and its simulation needs are very generic, you need the ability to make adjustments and customizations to your workflow. This can be as simple as adding an extra post-processing step or as complex as modeling a new, innovative HVAC system that is not available in the ready-to-run templates.  

Buildings are as unique as you and I, so when offered a one-size-fits-all solution, one must be vigilant. To offer a one-size-fits-all solution, a company will conduct market research with the goal of finding the most common workflow with high market demand. The resulting workflows address most of the market demand while doing a minimum amount of work. This approach is logical until you think about the effect that it has on our process and buildings. We’ve observed a misguided reliance on unrelated and unnecessary simulations, wasted time and resources, missed opportunities, and sometimes even making wrong design decisions by running oversimplified simulations with incorrect assumptions.

It is trendy to run a simulation for everything. The tragedy is that the industry has all of the expertise that it needs in order to regularly run high quality simulations that result in real value added to our buildings.

Automation without the possibility for customization is not the solution.

A hammer is a great tool if your problem is always a nail

The best solution brings you the features of automation while allowing you the freedom and flexibility to customize your simulation logic to meet your needs.

We have standardized the model input and output logic to free experts from manual repetitive tasks of file-sharing and feedback workflows and give everyone more time to work on better and more creative design and simulation solutions. We have built our platform on validated, open-source projects and have created a developer friendly platform. Repetitive process can be automated, while allowing customizations to all aspects of your simulation logic. You can now start with a standard recipe and adjust to your taste. Start building native cloud-based solutions and say goodbye to those hacky workarounds!