Our solution to the two-week turn-around problem

Are you working on a project where energy efficiency or high performance is a design driver?

Are you an architect driving your environmental simulation consultant crazy with ASAP requests only to be told you will have to give them at least two weeks to turn things around?

Are you an environmental simulation consultant who spent hours (maybe days) cleaning up a beautifully rendered Revit or Rhino model before you could start a simulation only to have the architect email you an updated design to run instead?

Does your current project schedule look something like this?

Collaboration before Pollination

If you are nodding your head in agreement, you are not alone. Over the past two years, we interviewed many firms and individuals; turnaround time for simulations was a stand-out problem. Running a simulation is only a small fraction of the process, a majority of time is spent converting design models into simplified but precise analytical models. 

Imagine now; instead of emailing your consultant a copy of your design model, you use a plug in for Revit or Rhino on your local machine to create an analytical model, upload it to the cloud, and your consultant can QA/QC the analytical model before running the simulation - all in the same platform! 

Just imagine all the benefits! You can:

  • Finish on time with less stress on team members.
  • Focus on finding creative solutions for more complex, real-world problems.
  • Design better projects with real-time feedback.

Start using Pollination today and find bonus time before deadlines to deliver a high-performing, well-designed project.

Collaboration with Pollination