Introducing Pollination

Platform for Environmental Simulation.

Your Entire Simulation Ecosystem in One Place

  • One centralized place to run many types of studies (energy, daylight, comfort, etc.), throughout all stages of design.
  • Use our verified simulation recipes designed for typical workflows, or build/customize your own recipes for your specific needs.
  • Ensure consistency of simulation workflows across an entire office by having team members pull recipes from a shared office repository rather than a user's local desktop.
  • Have one secure location to store and search all your simulation inputs and outputs at any point in time.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that any simulation you ran before is always accessible and reconstructable, even after updates.
  • Setup simulations faster and more reliably as a team by coordinating inputs and performing QA/QC through one platform.
  • Enable each team member to contribute their expertise, whether it's the architect's skill in representing geometry, the engineer's knowledge of simulation inputs, the building scientist's fundamental comprehension of metrics, or the manager's understanding of the most meaningful conclusions for a client.
  • Collaborate within and across firms while maintaining control over privacy and IP.
say farewell to two-week turnarounds.

Enjoy Real-Time Collaboration

Replace fragmented processes and tools with a single platform for frictionless collaboration.

Use organizational and individual accounts, roles and permissions, privacy and control settings, and more to collaborate internally or externally.

Feel Free to Think Outside the Box.

Scratch Your Own Itch

There's no need to limit your imagination to what is immediately available to you.

Recipes are just a set of simulation steps. So building your own recipe is as simple as connecting together a few of the hundreds of available functions on the Pollination platform using our queenbee workflow language.

Build Models Inside Your Favorite CAD Environment

There's no need to leave the design software that you know best.
Models can be built entirely with the Ladybug Tools Plugins for Grasshopper, Rhino and Revit, including both geometry and metadata. You can even execute your simulation recipes locally on your desktop and load results back into the CAD environment.
With Pollination

Streamline Your Simulations

CAD Plugins

Leverage Pollination without leaving your favorite CAD and BIM environments.

Roles & Permissions

Control access to data, projects, and simulations using teams.

Vetted & Reusable Recipes

Enjoy ready-to-use simulation recipes, or customize them for your specific needs.

Validated Engines

Tap into the power of Radiance, OpenStudio and EnergyPlus with ease.

Single Sign-On

Manage Pollination accounts from your enterprise applications.

Open Standards

Build applications using our JSON file schemas and Software Development Kits (SDKs) available in multiple languages.

Rest API

Build your own custom applications by using the Pollination Public API.

GitHub Integration

Use GitHub actions to deploy your recipes and trigger simulations.

Community of Experts

Join our active community of experts to learn with peers and tap into the wisdom of crowd.